Christians are under-achieving out of several reasons

  • laziness
  • Not connecting to resources of God
  • Not believing in the resources God provides
  • Running their own agenda instead of God’s agenda
  • Using God to rubberstamp own agenda and wondering why there is no backing of God

How can you align to the heavens?

  • God made you and has therefore has a plan for you !
  • Get to know your purpose
  • When you know your purpose and you accept God’s will, energy will be released inside you
  • Do not run other people’s race !
    • E.g other people looking rich and popular and you want to copy them
  • Think of good timing: Nothing is as bad as doing the good thing at the wrong time
  • When God tells you something: Do it like a child, not crumbling and not doubting
  • Have the right Motive: Get aligned with God not to receive from him but to serve him.


  • Accept the covenant
  • Accept the call of God
  • Get to know God
  • Those who know their God will prosper
  • Have the right motive

Your Shepherdsplace Church The Hague Media Team