Pastor Rachel

1 Corinthians 14:10 10 There are, it may be, so many kinds of languages in the world, and none of them is without significance.

General on communication

  • Speaking the same language does not mean that communication takes place
  • Speaking “Christianese” is not enough to change a situation
    • Example:
      • If your Pastor asks you how your are and you answer “God is Good”, the Pastor does not know what is going on
      • If you tell your Pastor “I need help” and this is how I am feeling, the Pastor can help you
  • It is true, God understands your intentions. However People might not if you do not communicate clear.

How to you get understood and how to receive communication?

  • Let your intentions be known, without hurting other people
  •  Appreciate uniqueness and be tolerant
    • In most cases people do not want to hurt you and have good intentions, but they bring it wrongly across
    • Good intentions can deteriorate with clumsy communication
  • Learn to tolerate
  • Give people benefit of doubt
  • Feeling of love is not enough to reach people
  • It is almost sure that e.g. in the house of the Lord, people will offend each other
  • But know: The rebuke of a friend is much better than the lie of a flatterer

What impairs communication?

  • your manners !
  • Wrong logic, level of understanding and target group
    • Example how to do it right:
      • Marcus wrote to Roman Soldiers
      • Lucas wrote to Philosophers
      • Both adapted their messages to the target group
  • the content may not interest people
  • wrong medium of communication

Our Prayer for you

  • You should have the desire to build each other up through good communication
  • You should be honest to each other
  • You should have a genuine love for People
  • That you should understand people and the real intentions they have

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