Pastor Rachel 11.12.2016

Recap 1-3 Mysteries and knowledge
why is there a mystery 1

What a mystery is why there is a mystery and decoding the mysteries
What Revelational knowledge is 2
Holy Spirit revealing mysteries and our spirit exploring knowledge
What is there to unravel 3
God is looking for who to teach his knowledge seeing the unbelieving no matter how enlightened they are
cannot grasps God’s mysteries in its entirety because their minds are blinded by the God of this world

The qualities of those who can – Meek, seekers eetc
We looked at the mysteries of existence- preadamic adamic post admic and eschatological events
Fall and Salvation
The power of the mystery
Creation & eternity- paradise, heaven etc
We will continue to look at what is there to unravel and move on to Why God is revealing these mysteries to us

Why is God now revealing the long hidden mysteries to us ? 4

God commanded the hidden things which he told prophets of old to seal to us because we are in the final stage of events and He needs us to come into the plans

To come into obedience of faith

-understand the timing and plan
-walk with His agenda
– run with vision
– not be deceived by the enemy
To use us as a spectacle to principalities and power
To use us as advertisement to the world
To give us an advantage on earth