Topic: Dwelling in the presence of the Lord (2)


Pastor Rachel 24.7.2016


Nahum 1 God’s presence and actions Summary and Highlight

God’s presence induces actions towards

 His people, his cause ..

 against His enemies and opposition to His cause

 Note that- Although God is slow to anger, He is a powerful avenger- No messing

around with Him

 No Escape from God or outwitting Him

 No commotion or power can overwhelm God -All creation responds to God’s


God is an impenetrable defence

 Being in God’s presence puts an end to opposition

 God ends conspiracies and affliction- God causes conspirators, evil counsellors to

wilt away

 He bursts His people out of oppression and prevents affliction

 Deletes and buries dirty idolatrous brands and trademarks so you are not

exploited and deceived

Be encouraged- there is hope, keep on serving God and being upright

 Don’t give in to pervasive practices, fear of oppressors and any form of calamity-

God’s presence brings deliverance and peace- Jesus the prince of peace is here to

give you rest John 16:33

Your Shepherdsplace Church Team