Pastor Rachel, 7.5.2017,

What are spiritual thieves and what is their purpose?

  • Spiritual thieves are even more sinister and aggressive than physical thieves
  • Their purpose is to steal, kill and destroy

What is the impact of spiritual thieves?

  • in the physical world if somebody is being robbed, the feeling developing is usually helplessness and anger
  • in the spiritual world, the person  might not even feel an impact if something is stolen, as the stolen thing is not often used, and what you do not use you do not miss

What do spiritual thieves steal?

  • The word of God
  • Your Faith (and faith is your connection to God)
  • Your joy
    • If you joy is gone, you loose passion and motivation

What weapons do spiritual thieves use?

  • Accusation and your Pride
  • False doctrine
  • People who procrastinate your progress
  • People you influence you negatively

The greatest theft is however is:  if the thieves steal your BELIEVE.

What is unbelief and what promotes it?

  • Unbelieving means: Not believing in Gods word and his abilities
  • Running in the Mode: Seeing is believing !
  • Having no respect for God and having no reference to God
  • It can come from
    • overemphasizing logic,
    • demonic suggestion
    • bad experience

This is the Prayer we have for you:

  • There is no faithlessness with you
  • Unbelief will not stop you
  • There is joy in your life
  • You will progress to you eternal destination

Your Shepherdsplace Church The Hague Media Team