Isaiah 33:20, 20 Look upon Zion, the city of our appointed feasts; Your eyes will see Jerusalem, a quiet home, A tabernacle that will not be taken down; Not one of its stakes will ever be removed, Nor will any of its cords be broken.

What does it mean to be troubled?

  • deep anxiety
  • great concern about things (marriage, children …..)
  • being anxious

What does it mean to have an untroubled habitation and what does it take?

  • trouble will come but you will face it in peace
  • Reassurance of God’s promise of an untroubled foundation can be found in :
    • Psalms 125:1
    • Psalms 48:12
    • Psalms 46:5
    • Isaiah 32:18
    • Isaiah 33:6
    • Isaiah 66:14

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